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    gopost® is the new alternative way to receive your United States Postal Service® packages.

    Follow these steps to receive your packages with gopost:

    1. Complete registration for gopost.

    2. Place and complete your order from your desired merchant (e.g., via online, telephone). If the merchant offers a choice, select the U.S. Postal Service as your shipper. If not, we are partnering with key shipping competitors to assure your packages are delivered successfully to our gopost units in most instances.

    3. When asked for the shipping address, use your name, account number and the address of the gopost unit you want to use to receive your shipment. You must include your account number so that we can notify you when the package arrives. (see diagram to the right)

    4. When USPS® loads your package into the gopost unit, you will receive an email or text notification that you have a package to pick up. Simply visit the gopost unit to pick up your package.

    5. Learn more about Online Merchant Shipping to gopost

    6. Need more details? See FAQs >

    here's how to address a package for gopost: your name; your gopost unit number, e.g. 4505 gopost, your gopost account number, e.g. XXXXXXX; City, State, ZIP Code TM, e.g. Anywhere, VA 12345-2345