There were errors:

    The United States Postal Service® is partnering with key shipping competitors to make sure your packages are delivered to your preferred gopost® unit.

    When you are ordering merchandise, please request USPS as your shipper (if possible).

    However, we understand that many online merchants do not offer a choice of shippers. We are partnering with key shipping competitors to assure your gopost-addressed package orders are delivered successfully to our gopost units in most instances.

    Always be sure to use the proper gopost format for your shipping address.

    To specifically request USPS as your shipper, we can offer you some helpful tips:

    • Review your merchant's shipping policies (online, by phone, or email) to see if they offer shipper options.

    • Indicate that your shipping preference is USPS in the Special Instructions box, on the phone, or in person when requesting shipping services.

    • Check your merchant's specific policy on "last mile" deliveries. Some types of shipments start with a different shipper, but are delivered by USPS.

    here's how to address a package for gopost: your name; your gopost unit number, e.g. 4505 gopost, your gopost account number, e.g. XXXXXXX; City, State, ZIP Code TM, e.g. Anywhere, VA 12345-2345